Back To Work Again

It is so good to be back to work again after so much upheaval in this new “Covid19” world that we now live in. Sure, I now have hazard tape all over the floor in the studio marking off every metre and various positions. There are signs on the walls reminding people not to get too close to each other and bottles of hand sanitiser everywhere. We’ve had to cut numbers down and we are only running half the workshops that we usually do …



And … we have been quite busy!

A whole new generation of Harvest Mice to interact with – and on their first few workshops they have done me proud!

Several new frogs as well … they are going to be a challenge as they don’t learn quite as fast as the mice but hopefully they will steady down a little with time and patience.

And we seem to have done quite a few Creative Days in a short period of time … these are always so much fun as they generally “just happen” as we go along. Very spontaneous!

So … off we go into our brave new world of face masks and limited social interaction!

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